"A Kiss" offered to Caledonians - New Caledonia the 1st

“A Kiss” offered to Caledonians – New Caledonia the 1st

Close-up on a work that has caused a stir on social networks: “Un Baiser de Klimt” revisited in Oceanian fashion, affixed to the facade of the Nouméa Art Center. Who is hiding behind this magnificent drawing? The answer in this article.

The kiss by Gustav Klimt, is perhaps the Austrian painter’s most famous work. Produced between 1908 and 1909, this oil painting on canvas covered with gold leaf is kept in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.


There we find a couple entwined, draped in gold and crowned with laurels. A large painting of 180 cm by 180 cm which inspired a talented and discreet artist on the territory. For Fred Pierrot, this hug, revisited in Oceanian fashion, symbolizes his love for Le Caillou: “It’s not a trick, it’s really love. We belong to something and we realize that it is part of us. Finally, we can no longer take New Caledonia away from ourselves. Love carries you in your efforts, the love of everything unlocks the secrets and in the face of everything that devours you, loving is stronger than being loved.

Fred Pierrot artist

The artist Fred Pierrot.

©Gaël Detcheverry / NC the 1st

And as any act of love is free, this drawing, Fred Pierrot decided to donate it to Caledonia. The digital proofs will therefore be available free of charge from several printers in Noumea, who will be able to use them on their postcards, on plexiglass or even make posters.

Monday morning, I heard a sermon on the radio, on NC 1ère, from a pastor, concerning the tower of Babel which turns towards the sky to try to project human pride there. Me, I don’t want that. The most sincere way for me is to offer this drawing to Caledonians“, explains the artist.

When he is not on the Caillou, the latter lives in Corsica, where he has created, in Ajaccio, a museum dedicated to the life of Napoleon Bonaparte in Playmobil figurines. From his transformer, not far from the Mariotti college, this Kanak dancer makes the link between his two heartlands.

Fred Pierrot artist work playmobil

Fred Pierrot’s Kanak Playmobil.

©Gaël Detcheverry / NC the 1st

Open your eyes wide, because other ephemeral artistic surprises may be waiting for you around the corner…

Find here the video report by Caroline Antic-Martin and Gaël Detcheverry:


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