5 perfectly aligned planets can be observed with the naked eye during the whole month of June

5 perfectly aligned planets can be observed with the naked eye during the whole month of June

During the whole month of June, it will be possible to observe an exceptional alignment of five planets of the solar system, which will all be visible to the naked eye.

This year 2022 is excellent for astronomy lovers. After observing meteor showers and a lunar eclipseit’s time to look at the sky again to contemplate the planets of our solar system.

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Throughout the month of June, we will be able to observe five perfectly aligned planets with the naked eye. This rare event will be most visible from June 18 to 27, as well as June 24 and 25.

Five planets visible to the naked eye

If you look at the sky one morning, before the Sun rises, you will be able to see Mercury, Venus, March, Jupiter and Saturn. To find your bearings, try to find Venus first: it is the evening star, the brightest star in the sky. Jupiter will also be very bright and Mars will have a slightly orange hue. Only Mercury might be harder to spot.

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“We are able to see Mercury from June 9, but the Sun rises just before, which is not optimal. The ideal is to wait until June 15 until the end of the month. You really have to look towards a very clear northeast horizon and be slightly high to see Mercury”advised Olivier Hernandez, director of the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium in Montreal.

To fully enjoy the show, it is advisable to watch the sky at dawn, about 45 minutes before sunrise.

See Uranus and Neptune through the telescope

The alignment of the five planets visible to the naked eye is a very rare event, which has not occurred since 2004. This year, this phenomenon is all the more particular as the five planets are aligned in their real order of distance with the Sun. During the month of June, it will also be possible to observe the other two planets of the solar system, Uranus and Neptune.

“It is an exceptional month of June, since all the planets of the solar system are observable in the sky. We are even able to see Uranus and Neptune with a small telescope.said Olivier Hernandez.

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Uranus may be visible in very dark skies. If you have excellent eyesight, you may be able to see it with the naked eye. Otherwise, you will need to bring binoculars or a telescope. Uranus sits between Venus and Mars, and will be most visible on June 24-25.

Finally, it will be possible to see Neptune in the morning using a telescope, behind Jupiter.

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