2022 World Cup: Fifa agrees with Ecuador, who will be able to play the World Cup

2022 World Cup: Fifa agrees with Ecuador, who will be able to play the World Cup

The threat of exclusion from the 2022 World Cup hung seriously over Ecuador, accused by Chile of having aligned a Colombian player in the ranks of his team. But Fifa has rejected this complaint and Ecuador will therefore be able to play in the World Cup.

Relief for Ecuador. Barring a big turnaround, the South American country will play the 2022 World Cup in Qatar despite the complaint made by Chile. This complaint was rejected by FIFA.

“The Fifa Disciplinary Committee has ruled on the potential ineligibility of the player Byron David Castillo Segura, who has participated in eight matches with the selection of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) in the framework of the qualifications for the 2022 World Cup. After analyzing the files submitted by all the parties and taking into consideration all the elements presented, the disciplinary committee has decided to close the procedure initiated against the FEF”, explained the International Federation in a press release. .

A failure for Chile

In May, it opened a “disciplinary procedure” to examine the case of Byron Castillo, whose nationality is disputed by the Chilean Football Federation (ANFP), an opponent of the Ecuadorians in qualifying for the World Cup. The Fifa Disciplinary Committee had been seized after a complaint filed by Chile concerning “the possible falsification of documents granting Ecuadorian nationality” to the player.

Chile finished seventh in the “Amsud” zone while Ecuador, fourth, qualified for Qatar. With this appeal, Chile hoped that Ecuador would be sanctioned in order to play the World Cup in its place. According to the Chilean Federation, there is “countless evidence” that the player was born in Colombia, in the city of Tumaco on July 25, 1995 and not on November 10, 1998 in the Ecuadorian city of Playas. The Ecuadorian Federation rejected these accusations, assuring that Byron Castillo is “duly registered with the competent legal authority” and has “all national documents in order”. A position shared by FIFA.

“The conclusions of the decision have been notified today to the parties concerned, Fifa said in its press release. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Fifa Disciplinary Code, the parties have 10 days to request the reasons for the decision, which, if necessary, would then be published. This decision may be appealed to the Fifa Appeals Committee.” According to the New York Times, Chile plans to appeal.

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