20 amazing illustrations that expose problems of our modern society

20 amazing illustrations that expose problems of our modern society

At the house of hitek, we like to regularly share with you the work of different talented artists in their own field. Recently, you were shown in particular illustrations by Gunduz Agayev on the problems of our modern society. Rebelote today with another artist, Koren Shadmi, who also enjoys illustrating in his own way the problems of society – but also personal – that we can encounter in our everyday life. We have selected 20 images for you, but you can discover more on its official website!

1) despite our ecological setbacks and deforestation, is there still hope?

2) Our life can literally go up in smoke when we are fired from our job

3) how the coronavirus appeared to us in 2020

4) Amazon’s “grocery stores” reinforce our dependence on technology

5) after the loss of a loved one, we tend to drown in work

6) access to good schools is increasingly complicated

7) we are addicted to social networks

8) if you are in debt or in a precarious situation, the sharks will not hesitate to deprive you of any of your coins

9) sometimes it’s hard to escape outside distractions and focus on what you’re doing

10) inequalities are still numerous

11) In China, there is a “social credit system” that rates the trust that can be given to citizens

12) most people always oversell themselves on social media, where they imagine a better life than they really have

13) big business lobbies keep global warming issues quiet

14) News feeds, usually filled with bad news, are one of the best ways to lift your spirits

15) difficult to save money in an increasingly consumerist world

16) a simple illustration of what loneliness is

17) revealing your salary is still taboo

18) social networks allow us to hide behind pretenses

19) some governments have used the covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to increase surveillance of their citizens

20) this is what our world will end up becoming if nothing is changed. Humanity will disappear, but will nature regain its rights?

So, what do you think of Korn Shadmi’s illustrations? And if you like articles of this type, we have what you need in stock!

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